New Theory was founded on the tenet that problems are solved by innovation, and innovation won’t arise without two key ingredients: 1) people from disparate backgrounds being encouraged to talk to one another and 2) people being encouraged to take risks without the threat of punishment. New Theory provides a cultivated environment where thinkers from all fields are encouraged to step outside the conventions of their established discourse communities to share ideas that cannot be communicated in the conventional modes of those communities (any kind of genre or medium is welcome for editorial consideration, as long as it clearly conveys some sort of original theory).

New Theory encourages contributors and readers alike to go beyond the horizons of current ideologies, to fearlessly trespass into realms previously claimed by others, to boldly blend diverse traditions, to indulge in unorthodox thought, to harbor beliefs that don’t derive their value from their potential to be proven, to try to have fun while doing so, and, of course, to inspire others to do the same. In other words, come here when you want to know what the rest of the world might be missing… or might be afraid to say out loud.


Jayson Iwen, Editor-in-Chief

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