Another Distraction


My bladder is full of beer. It is an early Tuesday eve & already the sirens are loud. There is no reason for fire. A white French bottom scuttles away. Distraction is a daily nemesis of distortion & destruction that crumbles into wanderlust in all direction but south. Mystery is nowhere to be found outside the books of curiosity. It hides itself in the lines and letters without thought matter. A world charged with electricity runs through you, through your wild ideas, through your receptive eyes, through & through… captured in a rapture of rootlessness, you belong nowhere but also everywhere. It is a matter of choice to light up tobacco & inhale into a chest weary & consumed by excess and complication. Success is timing my uncle tells me. Do things at the right time & success will come your way, so how come my time is lost in the wet forest of memory and belonging?






Zen Shwery is a PhD candidate in English Studies and currently teaches 20th Century American Literature & Poetics to undergrads at the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (http://zenpoetries.blogspot.ca/)